TriCity LARP

Broken mind and broken land.

Game 2

With the discovery that Old Wolf’s body had been brought back from the Umbra without his mind, a party forms to see what they can learn. The group leaves the Caern, following a summoned Weaver Spirit to Odysseus Whitelock, who runs a mysterious shop in the Near Umbra. He promises to aid Old Wolf in exchange for a task.

Odysseus tells them of a Broken Land in Binghamton, at the site of an old asylum, and of a group of paranormal investigators that had taken an interest in it. He tasks the party with healing the Broken Land, before it is further corrupted.

The party returns to the Caern to inform the others who had remained behind. Brigid Murphy knows Odysseus, and offers to call up some friends to guard the Caern in their absence. And so, those who had remained behind carry Old Wolf to see Odysseus. The bizarre and unsettling Elder then summons a spirit guide to take them to the place where Old Wolf’s mind is caught by the spidery Weaver spirit’s web.

Battling both toxic spirits and Weaver puzzles, the two groups manage to find their way to the Caern with both tasks resolved. Old Wolf’s mind has returned, though perhaps a little worse for the wear, given the terrified ramblings of a Great Destroyer. The Broken Lands have been healed, returned to a Periphery, while the paranormal investigators have been rescued.

Still… there are matters left to be resolved, and questions that need answers. What is this horror that Old Wolf dreamt of? What is the significance of a Penumbral Eclipse followed by a Black Moon? Who is Odysseus Whitelock? Why are Smoke Spirits gathering outside the Caern’s barrier? How well will a Gurahl lead a group of Garou and Fera, and who else will come forward to lead this fledgling Sept?



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