TriCity LARP

Broken mind and broken land.
Game 2

With the discovery that Old Wolf’s body had been brought back from the Umbra without his mind, a party forms to see what they can learn. The group leaves the Caern, following a summoned Weaver Spirit to Odysseus Whitelock, who runs a mysterious shop in the Near Umbra. He promises to aid Old Wolf in exchange for a task.

Odysseus tells them of a Broken Land in Binghamton, at the site of an old asylum, and of a group of paranormal investigators that had taken an interest in it. He tasks the party with healing the Broken Land, before it is further corrupted.

The party returns to the Caern to inform the others who had remained behind. Brigid Murphy knows Odysseus, and offers to call up some friends to guard the Caern in their absence. And so, those who had remained behind carry Old Wolf to see Odysseus. The bizarre and unsettling Elder then summons a spirit guide to take them to the place where Old Wolf’s mind is caught by the spidery Weaver spirit’s web.

Battling both toxic spirits and Weaver puzzles, the two groups manage to find their way to the Caern with both tasks resolved. Old Wolf’s mind has returned, though perhaps a little worse for the wear, given the terrified ramblings of a Great Destroyer. The Broken Lands have been healed, returned to a Periphery, while the paranormal investigators have been rescued.

Still… there are matters left to be resolved, and questions that need answers. What is this horror that Old Wolf dreamt of? What is the significance of a Penumbral Eclipse followed by a Black Moon? Who is Odysseus Whitelock? Why are Smoke Spirits gathering outside the Caern’s barrier? How well will a Gurahl lead a group of Garou and Fera, and who else will come forward to lead this fledgling Sept?

Whispers in the dark
(The Beginning of it all)

The rumors, prophecies and requests of the Garou have brought to bear a group into the Big Flats area. One by one, they arrived, uncertain of the evening. Some came in groups while others were unsure of who would be there this evening. Just as many, wary of what was to come, scouted the location for danger and found nothing of particular import.



Once inside, surprised and curious groups of Garou and Fera introduced themselves. None seemed shocked to learn the circumstances that brought them together, but all of them looking for something that did not seem to be there.


Food was left out, coffee recently made but there was no one there. They had to work together to find out what was really going on.

Some searched the grounds, while others sought out spirits for information.  Eventually they found themselves in the umbra, attempting to find any information they could. Nearby, in the Penumbra only a short distance from the Umbral reflection of the Church was a diminutive rocky figure feasting away upon what looked like a small humanoid shaped plant.

Most ignored this scene and went on their way while others stayed behind to keep watch.  For some time, one party explored while the other grew more and more concerned with the feasting spirit. And rightfully so- as the rocky spirit emanated with dark passions- growing larger by the moment as it consumed the plant based spirit.

With even more concern, one of the group attempted to communicate with the spirit- with little effect at first. Further contact seemed to irritate the spirit. It wasn't until the spirit realized what sort of creatures were contacting him and seemed to take interest in the Corax, calling him "Bird Bird".

The spirit, becoming incensed, sniffed at him and boldly claimed it wanted a piece of him. Unfortunately this was the exact moment when the others arrived, nearly frightening the spirit off. The Corax however, persisted with communication and made a deal- some of his flesh in order for the spirit to lead them to the Old Wolf.


Round and round through the Umbra, the spirit led them around, getting confused sometimes or having his attention pulled towards whatever found it's interest. A second deal was made, in exchange for a stone pendant, the Spirit would lead a more direct route.

With this deal- the spirit led them more directly to a large metal building with an airlock. It was here that they found what appeared to be futuristic spacemen with far more knowledge of the situation.

With diplomacy, they convinced the futuristic men to help- while others, at seeing the sprit now attempt to speed off, cornered him. His attempts to get away were no match for the Warpack- and he was forced to stay in place and his Wyrm taint cleansed. Once that was done so, he was free to go about his business.

With the help of a new ally, Agent Black, they were able to track down the Old Wolf, who was a prisoner of a very large Weaver spirit. The wound that th rock spirit now troubled the Corax, as Wyrm taint began to permeate it dangerously and caused him considerable pain.

The Weaver Spirit, when confronted attempted to warned them off, but there was little it could do to deter them. At sensing threat against itself, it summoned smaller spirits to hold off the Garou while it fled. With a pitched battle and several taking wounds and becoming entangled in strange mechanical like nets- it was no easy win but eventually they succeeded. The Weaver spirit however left them with a strange designation like code and was long since gone by the end of the battle.

With the Old Wolf rescued, he was encased in some form of cocoon. Carefully they extricated him but he remained unconscious.  They once again headed back through the Umbra to attempt to take care of Old wolf and found at the Umbral Reflection of the Church, a dark haired greasy looking fellow inside the church.

Many of them broke off to ascertain who this was while others stayed just outside where a circle of cleansing had previously been made and was long since shattered over the hours. They had no way to bring the Old Wolf back into the real world. Attempting to make an affinity location with a new Circle, they were forced to stay outside and guard.

Inside the Church, the Greasy fellow escaped but not without leaving presents. Humanoid Smoky creatures appeared to combat the Garou. Meanwhile, outside several more appeared to confront those that were making the Circle.

Another pitched battle for the safety of the new group of Garou that had been brought together by Fate- and many suffered nasty effects of Wyrm taint but ultimately were victorious once again.

With the completion of the Circle after the battle, they cleansed themselves and the Old Wolf, and even healing his wounds…but to no avail. He remained unconscious. The only hope that could be thought of was to find the heart of the newly revealed Caern and protect it.

While some protected the Old Wolf, others, went in search and found that it was not a Caern Shard as they thought, but a fully formed Caern, a full grown tree. Unable to immediately take and replant it, they instead chose to form protections.

With protection in place, the effects could be felt as the Wyld Affinity sprung into place, and strengthened all within its bounds, including the church to ensure that no new Wyrm aligned threats get so close as they did before.


With the Caern Heart strengthened, all could cross back to the real world with no effort, including taking Old Wolf back to the Church where they could conduct both medical and occult test to see why he was not waking up. In the end, it was discovered that they were require something or someone Weaver Aligned to help them ascertain what was truly wrong with him.


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