When a human witnesses the fearsome supernatural sight of a shapeshifter in her Crinos form, that human is overcome by a particular unique type of madness known as the Delirium. The Garou hunted human beings for millennia, winnowing down their numbers through claws and teeth, culling them as out-of-control prey animals. Humans were coursed like vermin, torn apart by creatures they stood little chance against.


Even after the blood slowed and thousands of years passed, humans never rid themselves of their primordial fear of being hunted and devoured by Crinos Garou. While the details of the mass purges are hidden deep within prehistory, human consciousness can’t suppress its recognition of the beast and the carnage of which it is capable. Even in modern times, irrationality still tears at the heels of human souls, chasing them into terror when they see a Garou or Fera take a form from their primal nightmares.


Some Garou and Fera consider this dread an instinctual weakness and a sign human minds are too weak and inflexible to overcome the past. Others consider it the opposite: a strength allowing humans to carry on even when confronted with their deepest fears. Regardless of their opinions on this debate, no Garou or Fera doubts the Delirium’s power and usefulness.

Some Garou and Fera have merits or other benefits that diminish the power of the Delirium, while others have flaws or disadvantages that increase humans’ susceptibility to Delirium in their presence.


Effects of the Delirium

When humans see Garou or Fera in their Crinos forms, the humans are affected with an extreme madness reflecting their primal recognition of monsters that nearly drove them to the brink of extinction. Humans who reach this state are completely irrational and make decisions based on fear, rather than logic. They surrender to the animalistic notion that they must fight or flee to survive.


There are a number symptoms associated with the Delirium:


• Humans suffering Delirium may succumb to Fox Frenzy (See Frenzy Out of Combat, page 115).


• Humans may strike out against the Garou with whatever weapons they have ready, or improvised weapons they may have at hand. The weapon choice may make little sense, as long as the human believes it might help them.

• They will screech with feral terror, sometimes until they have no voice remaining, unable to reconcile what they see and feel in the presence of a werewolf.


• If they are still within the presence of a Garou in Crinos form after 1 minute of their initial sighting, humans risk becoming catatonic or even comatose, as their minds are overwhelmed with fear.


Human who have experienced Delirium forget everything they have seen during their time in that state. The fear stays with them; however, and those who repeatedly experience Delirium are prone to suffer its symptoms more severely or gain derangements from their exposure to shapeshifters. It is the Storyteller’s discretion whether or not a human gains a derangement as a result of repeated time spent in Delirium.


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